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First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Your Way

Welcome to the next steps on your leadership journey!  You're already doing some great work. Now it's time to use the power of self-leadership to leverage your strengths and values for higher confidence, deeper impact and more joy!


Angela Herbert White

Hi there!

I believe strongly that you have more power than you even know, and you can embark on a rewarding and inspiring process to reveal your true gifts for yourself and in service to others.


My coaching and speaking expertise are rooted in a deep understanding of the triumphs and challenges of leadership, and I'm committed to sharing these insights with you. "First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Your Way" is not just a tagline – it's the philosophy that drives so much of my work.

Within these digital walls, you will explore the practice of self-leadership, a crucial key to personal and professional success. 

Here, you'll discover:

- Self-Leadership Insights and Strategies that will build you up, not burn       you out

- How to use my Self-Leadership Cycle to accelerate your own leadership       development and become a stronger, more impactful, and even more

   joyful leader        

- How to access even more support through coaching with me

- Additional resources on leadership development

You're about to have a great set of tools! 


Are you ready to take this powerful step on an exciting journey of self-leadership?

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Click here for your


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 It is an honor and a pleasure to present

my talk, First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Your Way.

This Summary Sheet is designed to be your quick reference guide to the practice of self-leadership. It's my way of helping you kickstart (or reinvigorate) your leadership development journey.

After downloading your free Summary Sheet, I would love to hear how the practice of self-leadership is helping you in your leadership endeavors. 

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First, Lead Yourself Guidebook

Leadership Guidebook

If you are ready to take intentional steps away from burnout, frustration, and doubt in your leadership, while making leaps into confidence, higher impact, and greater fulfillment as a leader, this is the tool for you!

"It's lonely at the top!" 

So true! I believe deeply in the power of self-leadership, and I also know the power of asking for help when you need it. Coaching gives leaders time, space, and structure to do the work of self-leadership. If you're considering the powerful tool of coaching, let's talk! We can have a no-pressure, no sales conversation to get your coaching questions answered.


Here comes even more good stuff! I frequently read a few pages of a book or listen to a few minutes of a podcast as a spark for my own reflection. Check these out!

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