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Have you ever attended a training that was great, but the lesson escaped you as soon as you left the room?

Angela's talks and workshops aren't like that.

They are
informative, engaging, and also practical.

Her goal is to ensure every participant leaves with a clear plan for action.


What I Specialize In

Teaching You to

Lead Confidently

 Challenging You to

Serve Powerfully

Inspiring You to

Live Joyfully

Image by Jeb Buchman
The information was excellent for someone like me in my position as I not only have employees, but I also work with my husband. Thank you for this valuable information.

- Event Attendee

Angela Gets It!

She knows you and your group need a fresh perspective, which is why you want to bring in someone to speak. She knows you need some new tools and strategies to help you *finally* get past those roadblocks that have frustrated you for far too long. Here's another thing she gets...if you're going to take the time to schedule the event and get people to show up, you need to be sure it's time well-spent, with clear steps and progress that can happen once it's over. Angela's goal for every one of her talks is to ensure everyone leaves with a solution they can act upon, right away.

Angela's Speaking Topics

Image by Vista Wei
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