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Which smells have power for you?

More thoughts on Life in Five Senses:

I’m starting to understand there are two types of people:

those who pay no attention to how things smell, and

those who are attuned to every single smell around them.

If that’s the case, which are you?

I’m definitely the latter.

I notice smells everywhere, and I frequently catch myself asking, “What’s that smell?”

Do you know anyone like that?

I love my smelling superpower.

I use it to lift my mood, focus my thoughts, and shift gears - especially when I’m feeling stuck.

Aromatherapy is a real tool for me:

Peppermint in my car to wake me up in the morning,

Candles to signal mental shifts throughout the day (Hazeltine Scent Company’s “Oasis” is my absolute favorite!

Lavender to wind down at night.

Oh! There’s also Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter which relaxes me instantly!

There are also smells from my childhood that soothe me:

Garlic and onion, which take me to my grandmother’s kitchen on a Sunday morning

Dove soap, which was the only soap my family used

Even chlorine, which brings me to all those summertime's spent in the pool

How about you? Which smells have that sort of power for you?

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