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Image by Jirasin Yossri

What have you forgotten?

What have you forgotten?

What have you set aside?

What are you ready to remember?

Look, it happens to all of us.

We lose track of the thing we once said was

The Most Important Thing

for us.

Maybe for you, that Thing is as straightforward as how amazing you feel after a great workout, so you declare that you’ll never miss a workout again.

Then, you skip a day, and another, and another,

until you are completely out of the exercise routine,

and you have no memory of how great it felt to be healthy and strong.

Maybe it’s the warmth that washes over you when you give a loved one a full-body, won’t-be-letting-go-first, sort of hug.

You think to yourself,

“I will never forget this moment, how much I love this person, how special they are to me!”

And then, the day comes when the two of you have a conflict,

which turns into an argument,

which turns into hurtful words and unkind actions toward each other.

It’s as if you are different people, entirely!

Or maybe it’s that time when you truly realized your worth.

How special you are.

How you have a unique set of gifts that only come from you, in the exact mix and formula that only you can deliver.

You didn’t just realize it, though.

You acted on it.

You fired on all cylinders.

In fact, you were on fire.

You were in your zone, and it felt so good.

There was nothing that could pull you out of it!

Except there was something that could, and it did.

Maybe that “something” was being taken out of our routines and thrust into these weird, new dichotomies

of home and work,

of routine and unpredictability,

of striving for stability, but finding only uncertainty.

Maybe it was something unrelated to the events of this moment that brought you to that place of forgetting,

maybe even protecting,

The Most Important Thing.

It’s not like we tried to forget how amazing we are.

It’s just that some other things shouted louder in our ears.

Some other needs had to be attended to,

and we somehow gave them the prestige and honor,

gave them the sacred place we had held for ourselves.

Or, for the sake of preservation,

we had to put our Most Important Thing in hiding,

with the promise that we would allow them to shine on another day.

Now, here were are.

Is it time?

Are we ready?

Do we dare to remember The Most Important Thing we somehow lost sight of?

Where do we even begin?

Often, when we don’t think we are ready to remember, our bodies and our lives have already been sending us whispers, possibly even screams, to call us back to attention.

They send us people, words, aches, pains, and struggles,

not to hurt us,

but to alert us.

What is your body, your life, telling you?

It’s time.

To remember The Most Important Thing.

To remember who you are.

(photo by Abyan Athif for Unsplash)

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