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Image by Jirasin Yossri

Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Signs of Change

Every season brings subtle and not-so-subtle signs of change.

It works the same for us humans, even when we don’t want to acknowledge it.

For us, the subtle signs often come first. When I'm not rushing, rushing, rushing, I'm more likely to notice them.

When I'm taking time to be still and quiet, I am much more likely to ready myself and embrace change in its early stages. When I don't slow down and notice the subtle signs that change is coming, I can almost guarantee the journey will be bumpier and much more exhausting.

And when I resist change? It's gonna come, anyway, isn't it?

This spring brought another reminder for me that it's best to pay attention to those early signs, before the not-so-subtle ones start screaming.

Now that I am easing back to a more reasonable pace, I'm paying better attention and showing up ready for what comes my way.

What signs of change might be whispering to you?

Drop a comment or send me a message.

I'd love to learn what signs of change you're noticing.

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