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Image by Jirasin Yossri

Our senses are pretty amazing companions.

Do you know those times when you realize you've been stressed, or anxious, or aggravated only once the tension starts to recede?

Here's one for you: On my way home from the morning school drop-off today, I realized it was finally cool enough to turn off the car A/C and open the sunroof. Ahhh... Although that felt like a small victory, it was something else that got me to relax and enjoy the ride a bit.

While sitting in traffic during a red light, I absent-mindedly looked up and was immediately startled by the beauty overhead. I think my brain was ready to glimpse the ceiling of my car, but instead it got to take in the majesty of the live oak branches above me.

What a difference to literally look up from my day-to-day life, past the confines of the capsule of my car, and allow nature's beauty to lessen the hectic pace of the morning routine. I didn't even know I had been rushing until that tree invited me to stop!

Our senses are pretty amazing companions, aren't they?

If you're ready to get past the chaos and busy-ness to live in connection with your power and purpose, let's talk:

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