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Making Connections, Sharing the Love

When I started this business, I dreamed of also creating a space to connect people, ideas, and products in a way that enhances all of us. I'm a natural connector, and one coaching session with me shows it. I'm constantly thinking in connections, supporting people to connect the many, many aspects of their lives into the living, breathing, thriving whole person that they are. I ask questions to explore both inner and outer connections, and I offer feedback and insights to share my perspective on connections I see, whether it's people or organizations they might reach out to, resources that might be helpful, or cultural references that might help to open up a client's perspective on their personal experience.

I especially love connecting people to small businesses and nonprofits, lifting up the phenomenal humans I have come to be blown away by, as they do the things they do best, sharing with the world, as they go.

This blog is my next vehicle to plant the connections - people, businesses, nonprofits, books, quotes, music, and on, and on - I feel particularly drawn to. I'll be linking them on social media, sharing some of them in coaching sessions (which I already do, naturally), and certainly growing them, as time and learning goes on. Some will be affiliate links that give me a small percentage of sales, if you click and purchase. Mostly, they will be links to others' sites, so we can all share the love and support each other. I hope you find value in my curated lists, and enjoy making some connections for yourself.

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