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Image by Jirasin Yossri

How attuned are you to the sounds around you?

Hearing isn't something that occurs to me in the same way that sight or even smell does.

Though I love many kinds of music, I usually prefer silence when I'm driving. I don't really notice the background noises around me unless they are particularly loud and rapidly approaching foreground status.

However, when I do tune in to my sense of hearing, I can find much delight.

Something I remember (and miss) about living in Uptown New Orleans is that my house was equidistant to the boats blowing their horns on the MIssissippi River and the streetcars rattling along the tracks on St. Charles Avenue. When I thought to pay attention, those sounds were my lullaby.

Now, I'm in the suburbs, and when the air conditioner and white noise hums aren't drowning out all other sounds at night, I can hear so much ... an owl hooting in the pecan trees ...the frogs chirping and croaking after summer rain ... a dog dreaming at the foot of the bed.

How attuned are you to the sounds around you?

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