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Y'all, I have my own (virtual) bookstore! Here's the link:

You know when you go into someone's house, and you casually try to catch the titles on their shelves, because you just know you're going to learn something new about them by browsing the titles of the books they read? Well, this bookstore is kind of like that. If you were to walk around my home, snooping in all of the places where books are found (and there are lots!), you will find most of these books.

The store is not very big, yet, but I'll keep adding to it. It contains the titles that have changed my perspective for the better, kept me learning and improving, and even gotten my kids to love reading!

I admit that I do quite a bit of Amazon shopping, but I prefer to buy from small business (especially online, these days). So... for now, these titles are linked to Bookshop, an online platform for independent bookstores to sell, and for people like me to be affiliates, earning a small percentage of the sales. I'm sure I'll make improvements to both my blog and my virtual bookstore, as I learn the ropes. I'll probably also add the Amazon affiliate links down the road, because I have a feeling some of y'all would rather those links. For now, let's first give small businesses a chance to stay open and to keep doing what they're doing!

If you choose a book or two, for yourself or as a gift, please let me know!

There's a section that contains books I haven't read, but are next on my list. Many are already on my "annex" bookshelf, next to my bed, just waiting for the right time to be picked up and cracked open. If you choose one of these and let me know about it, you might give me the push I need to dive in, too!

So, please check out

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