Through a 6-week group coaching program women will learn and practice a repeatable system to get themselves on-track and in alignment with their true strengths, vision and impact. They will take the system with them into their futures, so they can return to their strengths whenever times get challenging.

Angela will offer each participant assessment, video, email, text, and group coaching, to help her see herself in a more powerful way, to focus her vision and her goals, and to make decisions about her steps forward, with new energy and connection to herself and what’s most important for her.

FIRE Up! is for women of all ages who know they want something more, but don’t know what it is or how to get it.

They might also not even be sure they deserve it or should want it!

In essence, they need to connect or reconnect with themselves and the difference they want to make in the world.


  • hear other people telling them they’re wonderful, but, deep down, they just don’t believe it.

  • are torn between wanting more - personally, professionally - and spreading themselves too thin for their loved ones.

  • might lack energy, motivation, and focus, and they might even beat themselves up for it.

  • appreciate information and inspiration, and they value the support of a community of women.

They want:

  • confidence in themselves to go for it, to make the difference they were created to make.

  • to feel great about getting out of bed and doing the work they do each day.

  • to believe they are doing great work, because their efforts align with their values.

  • the language to say “no” when necessary and “yes” to themselves, much more often than they currently do.

F uel your strength

I dentify your stressors

R echarge your vision

E nergize your life!


Hey there!
Do you really know how amazing you are? How strong you are?

(Full disclosure: I hope your answers are YES, but I’m betting you don’t really, really know…YET!)

We all have times in our lives that challenge us, that push us to grow. We know that.

What becomes a bit more complicated is using these times to our advantage...

to push ourselves to a new awareness of who we truly are, the ways in which we are so amazingly strong, and the ways we don't have to let challenging times keep us stuck, anymore. 

I'm talking about learning and claiming your strength - because you are stronger than what you are currently admitting to yourself. I'm also talking about recognizing what has stopped you in the past and present, so you are ready to say GOODBYE! to those stumbling blocks and stressors in the future.

I want you to see your power.

I want you to have a playbook for now and for next time.

So when the challenges come, you can meet them with a plan and a deeper understanding of just how strong you are.

Now, if you're saying, "Who, me? Yeah, right!"

I want to tell you, "Yes, you! Every day! Stronger and stronger!"

I also want you to know that the best way to get there is to do it YOUR way, not someone else's.

This group program isn't about telling you what to do.

It's about giving you the time, space, tools, and connection to help you uncover your own way of being ON FIRE in your own life - even when it's hard.

Give yourself this chance.

Give yourself this gift of knowing and owning your unique, amazing power.

I'm on FIRE for you.



K. C.

"As a solo-preneur, it's been nice to have someone to share the frustrations and successes with, while also getting new ideas to help address and solve the challenges I'm facing. Our sessions were like business therapy. You always approach each session with no judgment, empathy, and great resources to address the issues at hand."

M. T.

"You help me plan and follow up on plans. The vague becomes real.
Priceless. Motivational.
Game changing. Necessary. Fun!"

M. M.

"I love working with Angela because she helps me address big strategic questions and everyday potholes with equal curiosity and attention. I feel like I have improved as a leader on every level, from macro to micro. I look forward to our sessions because they ground me and leave me feeling energized about the work ahead."