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You want the world for your child. We do, too.


Your child is doing the best they can with what they have, especially in school. 

Is it enough to survive, and even to thrive?


Our academic coaching takes an educator’s perspective, including deep knowledge of what happens in the classroom, to assess and address the challenges your child is experiencing.


We work with you and your child to develop a strengths-based, personalized plan that includes clear goal-setting, solution-generating, action planning, and support while you and your child take the steps to make change happen.  


We acknowledge and appreciate all of the work that has gone into getting this far, and we offer positive guidance and encouragement, celebrating even the small victories, along the way.

Angela Herbert White, M.Ed.

Angela is compelled to help students who need a bit of a boost, a new set of tools and strategies to improve their learning habits and increase their academic success. Before she was a classroom teacher, Angela was a tutor, supporting and guiding students and their families toward solutions for stronger school performance and happier, less stressful relationships at home.


Angela saw the impact that one-on-one learning can have on entire families, so she created her own academic coaching and tutoring business, more than 25 years ago - before it was widely known as academic coaching.  


In addition to being a tutor and academic coach, Angela has been a special educator; taught science in the woods; built, trained and supported school-based tutoring programs; built afterschool and summer enrichment programs; and served as a trainer, assessor, and coach for a citywide initiative to improve quality youth development opportunities. She continues to consult on initiatives geared toward the positive development of young people, and she also coaches adults on both personal and professional matters. 


She is thrilled to apply all of these perspectives and evidence-based approaches to an ever-stronger academic coaching framework that supports students from preschool to college, and to train veteran teachers to implement the framework. 


Angela especially wants students to discover and practice the skills and strategies that are best-suited for them, no matter the subject or content, so they grow in independence and strong habits that serve them throughout their lives.

Ashley Maxwell,


Ashley’s passion for personalizing the education experience for each child comes from her Masters in Education from Binghamton University and more than 8 years of teaching and leading in New Orleans schools.

Ashley grounds her work in evidence-based approaches to keeping a young person focused and on track, as she guides the student toward their goals.


Because she has also led summer learning programs, Ashley understands the importance of finding a balance between academic and social development, building learning pathways in both traditional and nontraditional environments. She draws on her work as a teacher, and also as an academic and behavioral interventionist, supporting students, parents, and teachers to find solutions and better paths to effective learning.


(Personal statement here.) 

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