Coaching for women

Angela is drawn to serving women as they gain clarity in their work, their personal and professional relationships, and their purpose.


Inviting a woman to share her goals, own her strengths, and take her next, bold steps invigorates not only her, but also the community that now reaps the benefits of her power. 

Coaching sessions often create the time and space to sort out– and clear out– all of the many thoughts, concerns, and questions that can get in the way.


A coach can bring focus by helping the client see the priorities, the next steps, the most valuable uses of her time, in the direction she wants to move.

A coach also responds to the way in which the client requests to be held accountable, to check on progress, and to keep her eye on the reasons she set her goals, in the first place.

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Angela helps clients see their way to the strategies that will help them recognize the missing pieces of the puzzle, create and act on a clear plan, and reach the goals they set.

Business owners, organization leaders, and family leaders who want clarity and direction find they take greater strides forward with a coach as a thought partner and accountability touchpoint.

Coaching for businesses and organizations

Much of Angela's coaching is done within work contexts, specifically, with leaders.
Leaders know it can be "lonely at the top."
Having a coach can mean having a confidential thought partner to help you think through, get clarity, and create a plan.
Having a coach can also help you keep your focus on the goals and plans you set for yourself and your work, when so many forces pull you in various directions.
For leaders, as well as for team members, a coach can provide the professional development space that helps the individual, or even the team, form stronger skills in areas such as leadership, planning, follow-through, and goal-setting. 
Coaches can help the client bring out, and further develop, that which they already possess. Thus, they become more powerful in their work, because they become more intentional about
how they accomplish their work
and achieve 
their goals.

We're happy to come to Angela in our most vulnerable and overwhelmed moments, knowing she will do the following for us: listen, reflect, and make concrete/achievable both the gnarliest of problems and loftiest of goals.

– Megan McHugh
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